Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Staying Princess" mercenary information finished

袗谐胁邪褉械褋 Agvares

High society of the devil, well-known founder of the ball.

Capacity building: +100% female unit attack

Equipment field: weapons, dress / suit of armor, gloves / belt, Treasure

Where: 楔械褌械褉褉邪 Sheterra (HITLER)

Severance costs: 30000 money

Capacity: in the dialogue interface can select a unit gain 10 attack and defense bonus and the ability to choose a

- 2 speed

- Unlimited counter

- Attack the enemy fire (can burn overlapped)

- Attack enemy vampire (not resurrection)

Select the unit from the Agvares control and restricted to men illegal division of mankind. Each of mental fatigue using a Agvares rose 100%, and in each subsequent battle back 10-15%. Means that war can be reused 7-10.

袚邪褍写懈 Gaudi

Eagle eyes of young, bright and committed advocate elimination of the devil.

Capacity building: Union forces attacking demons and the souls of the rate doubled when the explosion hit

Equipment field: weapons, armor, gloves / shield, royal flag

Where: 袘械蟹褘屑褟薪薪褘泄 Unnamed (unknown land)

Severance costs: 25% of the money

Capacity: Knight Rider upgrade sanctification (100 gold / person) holy priest upgrade CD (25 gold / person)

袛卸懈屑 袣褉邪褍写 Jim Kraud

Once handsome man, but because of scar and disfigurement.

Capacity building: a variety of pirates, thieves and the Sea Monsters +1 speed and morale.

Equipment field: weapons, armor, shoes, Treasure / royal flag

Where: 袗谢褘泄 袙械褌械褉 scarlet Wind (Scarlet Wind)

Severance costs: take away the arms.

Ability: the pirates and robbers train upgrade (respectively 7 Gold / person with 5 gold / person)

Special events: the goddess in the game if the blood was allowed to remove scar and can regain her beauty and access to the following new features:

- 700 Leadership

- Equipment field becomes: weapons, dress / suit of armor, shoes, treasure.

袦芯褉芯薪 袛邪褉泻 Moron Dark

Has sold the soul of the soul to the Dark Knight. In order to purify their soul, struggling with evil.

Capacity building: +3 attack. Dead morale +1

Equipment field: weapons, armor, helmet, royal flag / belt

Where: 协谢芯薪邪 Elon (Aron)

Severance costs: None (except he is equipment items)


1 (Dark Force> 0) can upgrade into a Skull Archer Skeleton Warrior (5 Gold / person) into a Dark Knight Knight (50 gold / person)

(Dark Power = 0) can upgrade archers, infantry (5 Gold / person) The Dark Knight into a knight (50 gold / person)

2 Moron Dark through every battle to purify the forces of darkness (the initial 100).

-2, If the enemy forces with the devil

-3, If the enemy forces with dead

+1, With the souls of his troops

+1, With the devil's own forces,

Once reduced to 0 to always keep at 0

袦芯谢写芯泻 Moldok

Some simple and too lazy to Orcs, to fill their stomachs with the princess chasing.

Capacity building: Orcs +1 initiative and speed

Equipment field: shield / weapon, shield, royal flag / belt, treasure.

Where: 校蟹邪谢邪 Uzala (Wuzha La) will be asked to recruit heroes ask for money 1000

Severance costs: 1000X Employment Date

Capacity: Moldok would take away half the prize, and filled in the next battle back to anger. This ability to mobilize every 8-15 random battle.

孝褉懈谐谐械褉 Trigger

Promising young engineer, inventor of Sight.

Capacity building: most of the remote units + X% crit rate

Equipment field: weapons, helmets, gloves / belts, shoes

Where: 孝褝泻褉芯薪 (袘芯谢褜褕芯泄 泻邪薪邪谢) Tekron (Grand Canal) railway empty (Grand Canal)

Severance costs: 20% of the money

Capacity: X value of sub-4, respectively (10/15/20/25), 4 pm, Big Master, Druid, Necro shamans can get bonus, but the relative alchemist, Cyclops, the dwarf Addition of the remote robot will lose.

1: the time of recruitment

2: 34 self-recruited from the war

Level 3: an additional 50 combat

4: 100 Crystal

协谢械薪褏械谢 Elenhel

Attend Mystic wizard wizard.

Capability: Intelligence +4

Equipment field: gloves / shield, skirt, royal flag / belt, treasure.

Where: 袙械褉芯薪邪 Verona (Verona) take 20 points or more intellectual

Severance costs: 5000 Money


A back full of magic. Cool 5 times fighting each use.

230 was a world war scroll. When recruitment was one of every 30 successful war will report on production of a scroll.

40 and the battle more than 10 games, Elenhel will be asked to leave the princess would go to war if not accept, always follow the Princess after victory.


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